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Recent Surveys have shown that 83% of necessary vehicle maintenance goes unperformed.

Bar G Enterprises and BG Products provide all the tools needed to capture this customer pay maintenance market!


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We're currently offering training courses on:

  • Tech Training Part I — for Shop Foremen & Technicians
  • World-class selling with POS (Positively Outrageous Service) — for Owners, GMs, Service Managers, Service Advisors
  • Tech Training Part II — for Shop Foremen & Technicians

Introducing the BG Protection Plan
BG Protection Plan - Protect your vehicle to 150,000 miles!

The BG Protection Plan has met with incredible response. The Engine portion of the plan has generated the most excitement.

The BG Protection Plan can help bring your customers to your shop over and over again!

PRODUCTS: We offer a most complete line of exceptional products designed specifically for each application--from transmission flushes to A/C service, brake flushes to fuel induction service.

MARKETING: We actually help you sell these services to your customers with customized marketing plans that help you obtain your profit goals. We can provide detailed service menus for you and your customers, initiate and manage motivational programs for your service advisors and even train an on-site person to take fluid samples for the most effective, low-key selling approach: a simple show and tell.

TRAINING: We offer ongoing training for your technicians to insure they all have the proper skills to perform the services. We also offer a special "Service Advisor College" training that focuses on capturing more of the dollars per car available in all aspects of the service department.

EQUIPMENT: We offer some of the best machines available for each job. These are very easy to use and maintain.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Well designed preventive maintenance programs are very well received by your customers. They appreciate your attention to detail and keep returning regularly!

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